Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Ao Vivo em Copacabana - Claudia Leitte DVD Universal Music

Claudia Leitte's DVD, "Ao Vivo em Copacabana" sets the new standard for both performance and technical sophistication! One can only imagine the logistical difficulties in staging a show of this magnitude! Although I love Ivete and admire Daniela, Claudia is the reigning queen of axe'! The sound, the band, the dancers, Claudia's sexuality, sensuality, "suingue" and sensational samba only serve to confirm her arrival as the latest heiress to the throne. She was the lead singer for the well known axe' band BABADO NOVO and her former band mates appear on the DVD. Guest appearances by Wando, Daniela Mercury, Gabriel o Pensador and the great Carlinhos Brown only add to the majesty of this concert. The package contains two dvds, the second of which is a documentary concerning the life and career of Claudia. Interesting, and sometimes even touching, but entirely secondary to the concert dvd. Worth owning, for sure, but one will watch it MUCH less frequently than the captivating show. These dvds can be difficult to find at times, and expensive, but they are well worth both the time and the money! "Doce Paixao", a hit with Babado Novo, is included here as a sample of Claudia's axe' skills! ENJOY!  VIVA AXE'   !!!!!!

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