Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cantando Historias - Ivan Lins DVD EMI

This is yet another stellar DVD which should be in the collection of all those who cherish the world's most beautiful pop music! Ivan Lins is one of the greatest of  all the hallowed MPB artists. His toons have been recorded by everyone from Quincy Jones to Ella Fitzgerald. His lyricists have been among the best "poetas" in a country known for "letras." Ivan's status as an international superstar affords him the opportunity to hire only the best musicians for his band and this version is no different. He is surrounded by long time partners Theo Lima on drums and the incredible Marco Brito on keyboards and sinfona. His "convidados" are stars in their own right; Jorge Vercilo, Simone and Zizi Possi all contribute individually and then join together for an impromptu rendition of Ivan's humanist anthem, "Bandeira do Divino."  Jorge Vercilo's duet with Ivan on the classic "Guarde nos Olhos" is a highlight not only due to the incredible vocal performance of a hauntingly beautiful song, but also due to the obvious love and respect which Jorge displays for the master and his music. I have had both the honor and pleasure of seeing Ivan live more than a half-dozen times and he NEVER comes up short. Like Milton, Caetano, Boca Livre, and Gal Costa, he exudes a vibe and an "aura" which must be experienced to be fully understood. Gosh, I love this shewt! I have included the aforementioned "Guarde nos Olhos" for your enjoyment...Need I add "highly recommended?"

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