Monday, March 12, 2012

Robert Carlos e Caetano Veloso e a musica de Tom Jobim DVD Sony Music

Although I once again betray my middle-aged tastes, this DVD is as beautiful as the most rare gem. Caetano and Roberto display a love and respect for both the music of the master, Tom Jobim, and one another. Caetano proves once again that he is not only among the world's great singer/songwriters but also provides profound interpretations of the compositions of other great bossa nova, samba and MPB artists! Arrangements are by the great Jaques Morelenbaum who conducts and blesses the cello. Jaques resume includes stints as musical director for Tom Jobim, Gal Costa and Caetano. I have had the honor of seeing him perform and conduct his arrangements with the likes of Gal at Carnegie Hall and Caetano at Town Hall. His arrangements are the equal of Duke Ellington's best work! This is some SOPHISTICATED shewt! Caetano is stupendous in his "solo" efforts, belying the fact that he is no longer young. The duets, the performance of Roberto Carlos (actually MORE famous than the footballer of the same name!), the top-notch musicians, the sound quality and multi-media effects are all first rate. WAVE is particularly awesome and is included for your bossa groove......The tunes run the gamut of Tom's best work, Chega de Saudade, Ligia, Corcovado, Aguas de Marco, Ela e' Carioca,........ all masterfully performed by two of Brasil's greatest pop artists. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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